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The Rosenberg Cultural District is one of only a few designated cultural districts in the state of Texas. From wine rooms, community theater, and live music to festivals, loft living, ghost tours, and public art, the cultural district is regional landing spot for artists and artisans of all types and mediums.  Something for everyone, the Rosenberg Cultural District celebrates and inspires creativity and expression in us all!

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Inspiring the next artistic generation artists, the district has a variety of children's activities and special events. Cookie decorating, children's theater, photography classes... take your pick, then visit one of our restaurants for a old fashioned ice cream cone.

Festivals, Festivals, Festivals!  "Like" us on Facebook at Discover Downtown Rosenberg for the most up-to-date list of festivals and artistic experiences.  We have a little something for all the artists and performers out there, from professionals to the artisans at heart!

Enjoy the scenery as you stroll through the numerous public art displays throughout the district, including a dedicated art park, more than 20 benches created by local artists, and murals of all sizes, shapes, and themes.

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